Pretty Ricky: Pleasure P arrested over $60 Burger Beef

Trying to get your early morning munchies definitely went left for former Pretty Ricky star Pleasure P.

According to TMZ, Pleasure P of Pretty Ricky fame was at a Checkers in Miami Gardens at 5:15 in the morning ordering $60 worth of food when he was arrested for shoving a female employee in the chest in through the drive-thru window.

It all started when P became irate and began yelling at the woman over the intercom when there was something wrong with his large order. The woman claims that he continued yelling as he pulled around to the window where he got out car and walked up to her on foot. She says that Pleasure P gave her the money and she gave him his food and that’s when he “pushed her intentionally with malicious intent in the chest with the food he received”.

When the police showed up, Pleasure P claimed there was an argument and he threw his food but not at the woman. The Checkers employees said that was BS and vouched for their co-worker. The police report says Pleasure P reeked of alcohol and there was food all over the ground inside the drive-thru.

Pleasure P was arrested and charged with simple battery and was released on $1,500 bond.

Pleasure P went to Instagram to present his side of the story.

Photo: Getty Images