Florida Schools Were Combed For Epstein Victims, According To A Lawyer

Jeffrey Epstein Appears In Manhattan Federal Court On Sex Trafficking Charges

New details are emerging about some of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein.

We're learning that many of the teens were recruited from Palm Beach County high schools.

A police report details detectives with the Town of Palm Beach went through local high school student records to find potential victims and a former attorney for three victims says they went to Royal Palm Beach High School.

One of the victims was reportedly paid to recruit fellow students, girls ranging in age from 15 to 17 who allegedly gave Epstein massages, which then turned to sex.

A police report also shows that a former employee of the financier was once paid to take a bucket of roses to congratulate someone on a "high school drama performance."

There is also discussion in the report about a fight at a local high school that started when one student called an Epstein victim a "prostitute" after seeing her with $300.

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