Florida Court Clerk Looks to Reunite People With Their Money

TAMPA -- You could have money sitting in a court clerk's office somewhere in Florida... and if you don't claim it by early September, it goes to the state.

Each year around this time, court clerks' offices post lists of unclaimed funds, to give their owners a chance to claim them. Any money not spoken for by September 3rd goes to the state... as if it had been paid in taxes.

In Hillsborough County, Tom Scherberger with the court clerk's office says they're trying to return over $130,000 in unclaimed funds. Amounts range from $11 to $15,000. The most common figure is $15... that's the pay for one day's jury duty.

"Most people who are called... never serve. They spend one day at the courthouse, leave, and then we try to pay them the $15," Scherberger said.

In past years, the Hillsborough clerk has returned less than 10 percent of the unclaimed money to its proper owners.

If you have unclaimed funds related to a court action, you're required to file a motion with the judge assigned to the case.

Link to the list of unclaimed funds in Hillsborough

Link to the Pinellas unclaimed funds list

Tom Scherberger tells you how you can claim the money you may be owed. Listen here:



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