Trina Tells Trick Daddy The Her Verses Are Harder Than His

Trick DaddyandTrinastarted out trying to re-create the success of their '90s hits like “Nann,” but they ended up at each other’s throats.

In a clip from next week’sLove and Hip-Hop: Miami reunion special, Da Baddest B shuts down talk of a new TNT project. The original plan was for a 12-track album, with four songs from each artist and four collabs. But now Trina says, “It’s definitely wrapped… We had an agreement…that simple. I’m not gonna go by his rules. I’m not gonna do the songs he wanna do since 1998. We’re gonna do new music and what I wanna do and collaborate together, or it’s not gonna happen. That’s why it’s not done.” 

Trick tries to defend himself by saying he finished his four records, but that Trina’s music is too “pretty” and not “ratchet” enough. She thinks the real issue might be that she outraged him on his own record. 

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