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20 Years Ago Today Was Like Hip Hop Christmas #TodayInHipHop

September 29, 1998 -  This was like a Super Tuesday (remember when all albums were released on a Tuesday?) Look at all this great Hip Hop that dropped 20 years ago today:

September 29, 1998: Blackstar released their self-titled album  "Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Blackstar"

Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star

September 29, 1998: Outkast released their third album Aquemini 

Outkast Awuemini

September 29, 1998: Jay-Z released his third album Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life 

Jay Z - Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life

September 29, 1998: A Tribe Called Quest released their fifth album  The Love Movement 

A Tribe Called Quest -The Love Movement

September 29, 1998: Brand Nubian released their forth album  Foundation

Brand Nubian -Foundation

So today in 1998 was definitely a great year for Hip Hop.    

Now we have to jump all the way back to 1980 for this classic Hip Hop artist:

September 29, 1980: Kurtis Blow released his debut album Kurtis Blow

Kurtis Blow -Kurtis Blow

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