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Remembering DJ Roc Raida 9 Years Later (R.I.P)

September 19, 2009... I remember I was spinning in the Marc Echo store in Brandon mall with my man Dj Jimi-O.  Out of the blue, the legendary DJ Premier hit me up with some said news.... He told me that DJ Roc Raida had just died... damn it man!   I couldn't believe it... 

I first met Roc Raida when I booked his crew The X-Men here in Tampa in the late 90's. It was an amazing night for myself and all of the TampaHipHop community.  I had remained friends with him since that night; not every day friends, but 'cool Hip Hop friends.  I would run into him just about every time I visited NYC and I saw him a couple more times here in Tampa when he was in town. 

The last time I saw him was Feb 28th, 2009.   I had the pleasure of being the opening DJ for the T.I. Farewell Tour (his last tour before he had to do the prison bid.)  A must a shout DJ Ekin for that hook up (he was the host and he brought me along to DJ)   Busta Rhymes was also on the bill....  Just as I was finishing up one of my sets, someone tapped me on the shoulder.  I turned around and it the the Grandmaster himself, DJ Roc Raida.  He gave me the Hip Hop pound/hug/handshake and said what's up.  We talked for a second as he set up to rock Busta Rhymes set....

Here is the pic we took after the show:

DJ Ekin, DJ Roc Raida, DJ Sandman

His best friend and group member, DJ Rob Swift always does beautiful dedications to Roc Raida.

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Roc Raida 1996 DMC Set:

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