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Combat Jack Loses His Battle With Cancer

Legendary Hip-Hop Podcast Host Combat Jack (Reggie Ossé) lost his battle with cancer. 

Back in October, he took to twitter to let his fans and friends know about his battle:

“Internets, what’s up? It’s your man Combat Jack. In 7 years of podcasting, I’ve never missed an episode. I got hit with some real life sh*t. I was recently diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I was rushed to the hospital, had some pretty severe surgery. I’m on the mend right now. I’m about to jump on this journey to health with chemo and alternative medicine. Take care of your health. Your boy ain’t going nowhere though. We’re gonna keep doing this. Keep rocking with us. #RaiseTheBar #CombatCancer Let’s Go!”

Today, I woke up to the sad news that he has passed. 

His podcast has been one of my favorite over the past few years.  Combat does amazing, indepth interviews with artist, djs, and more.

You can catch up with them all right here:

R.I.P. Combat Jack

Here are a few of my favorites:

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