Widely regarded as the “Godfather of Hip-Hop” in the Tampa Bay area, DJ Sandman has been a fixture in the Tampa Bay Hip-Hop community for over seventeen years.

Beginning as a fan in high school, his career started in radio at WBUL (University of South Florida) as a DJ and Hip Hop music director. Sandman built a network of fans, clients and connections djing campus parties and at clubs in the local party district which led to promoting parties throughout the Tampa Bay Area; Bringing hip hop to the area in the early 90’s when no one else dared.

Sandman has always kept his ear to the concrete and that’s how stays in touch with the hottest sounds from the streets. He has opened as a Dj for many national artists in his market. He is a member of the world famous "Bumsquad Dj" crew and can also be credited as one of the first promoters to bring Hip Hop shows to Tampa, Fl.

He is also the tour DJ for local artist Dynasty and has been all over the world spinning at shows with her.

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