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It has been reported that two more women have accused Nelly of sexual assault in a lawsuit filed by Monique Greene, a college student who claims Nelly raped her on his tour bus after a concert in Washington in October.One woman claims Nelly put his hand up her dress at an after party in June 2016. The second woman claims Nelly masturbated in front of her in a dressing room after a show in December 2017 and grabbed her head attempting to force her to perform oral sex on him.The court documents identify them as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2. The incidents allegedly took place in 2016 and 2017. The complaint seeks an injunction against “Nelly (and his penis) that prohibits him from engaging in sexual assault against female fans.”In the legal filing, Jane Doe 1, a married mother and member of the military, alleges that she was assaulted in June 2016 at a performance in London. She and a friend had purchased VIP tickets that included a meet and greet. Nelly's staff brought the women to a VIP area.Since the space was crowded with fans, Nelly asked the two to come with him to a smaller room. The three hung out for two hours before Nelly invited them to an after-party. Nelly then allegedly looked down at Jane Doe 1 before saying, "Let me see it," according to the lawsuit.The woman realized that Nelly wanted to have sex with her, the complaint claims. According to documents, she showed the rapper her wedding ring, saying, "I thought we were too cool for this." She claims that Nelly then got close and put his hand on her thigh, moving it up her dress without her consent. She removed his hand, to which Nelly allegedly then responded, “Hold on, hold on, it doesn’t need to be like that.”Jane Doe 2, alleges that Nelly masturbated in front of her and assaulted her until she was able to escape his dressing room. Nelly allegedly pulled out his penis and started masturbating, saying, "You want this d**k, don’t you” and claimed that “she wanted him, that every woman wanted him.”Nelly then allegedly put his hands down Jane Doe 2's shirt and attempted to remove it without her consent. Jane Doe 2 told Nelly she had a husband and kids, but Nelly responded that that didn't matter, she alleges in the filing. The lawsuit alleges he grabbed her by the head and forced his erect penis into her mouth. The lawsuit alleges that the assault would have continued if Jane Doe 2's friends hadn't been in the room next door.“She considered going to the police but felt that she would not be believed,” the lawsuit says. Rosenblum, Nelly's attorney, has said that the accusations against his client are untrue, calling the initial charge a "completely fabricated allegation" that "is motivated by greed and vindictiveness."Source:

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