LISTEN: USF Professor Tracks Holiday Shopping Trends

TAMPA -- A Florida marketing expert says shopping will be up, and some prices will go down, a little, over the holiday shopping season.

Carol Osborne teaches at the Muma College of Business at the University of South Florida. Osborne says shoppers are heading back to brick-and-mortar stores to check out merchandise, even though they may finish the purchase online. Overall, Deloitte is predicting a three percent increase in retail sales.

Osborne's predictions for hot gift categories: tech electronics, personal health and wellness electronics such as smart toothbrushes and treadmills, athleisure wear, jewelry and books. "Apparently Gen-Z has discovered (books) that are made of paper and are bound." She says prices of many popular electronic items including TVs and printers are going down, as consumers are treating them as commodities and becoming less brand-conscious.

Hear more from Carol Osborne by listening to the podcast below:

Photo: Getty Images (2022)

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