Yung Miami Defines Her Relationship With Diddy: 'We Single But We Dating'

Yung Miami & Diddy

Photo: Getty Images

Yung Miami and Diddy have been going strong over the past few months, but recently the City Girls rapper felt compelled to open up about their relationship.

In a new interview XXL published on Monday, September 26, Yung Miami provides a more thorough explanation of her relationship with Diddy. Both artists recently said that they were dating during the first episode of Yung Miami's new show Caresha Please. Now the Miami native is giving more context behind the romantic aspect of their partnership.

"We are dating," Yung Miami explained. "We single, but we’re dating."

"People don’t know what dating means," she added. "He’s single, I’m single, but we’re dating. That’s what I mean when I say we go together. When we’re together, we’re together. We’re having the time of our lives, but we’re still single. He see other people outside of me and I see people outside of him. I’m young. I’m dating. I’m, you know, having fun. I’m doing me. He’s doing the same thing. I can’t speak for exactly what he doing or who he seeing, but we single and we dating. But we are dating each other, but we single. I think it just went over people’s heads, you know? People just like to take whatever they wanna take from."

Diddy hasn't provided much else about their relationship since he praised Yung Miami for the thoughtful 'Go Papi' signs she made for him at the 2022 BET Awards. However, it seems like they're both happy in their relationship. Listen to what The Breakfast Club had to say about Yung Miami and Diddy above.

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