Husband's 2nd Family Revealed After Wife Read His Baby's Birth Announcement

One would think this is a Lifetime movie but it's real life! She of course confronted him two days later after getting all of ducks in order. He did exactly what you think he did.... he denied everything. Smh....

They eventually got divorced. But the story doesn't end there.... Addison said 7 years later, her ex-husband sent her a friend request on Facebook. She accepted his request because she wanted closure. They ended up going to dinner where he admitted to being 100% at fault for the end of their marriage. He then said he was single and proposed! She declined. But she did find out that he was lying — he was still seeing the other woman and a new girlfriend.

I know right!? This dude....

Check out what happened.

I'm so glad she got her happy ending!

Photo: Getty

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