Reportedly Cardi B Making 8 Million a Month on OnlyFans

A new list has come out that shows some of Onlyfans top earners. While the site has been used for many different things some for artists to connect with their fans and for other to post NSFW content. With big names like Blac Chyna, Cardi B & Tyga in the top 5.

According to the Slots Up site this is how they were able to calculate how much the stars were earning on the site:

"How it works: users charge their followers a monthly subscription fee to see their photos and videos and OnlyFans take a commission of around 20%. The adult platform has its own calculator to work out how much celebs could be earning, all based on their social media following. We’ve combined their Instagram followers with the average monthly subscription price (£15), and taken off OnlyFans 20% commission to estimate what each of these stars could be earning."

Either way sounds like these celebrities are making BANK from the site.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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