East Orlando Love Letter

The UCF Knights rang in their homecoming week with a performance by Grammy-nominated 6Lack and opener DaniLeigh. 

On October 17, 2019, DaniLeigh strutted onto the Addition Financial Arena stage sporting an entirely orange assemble. While the fit was eye-catching, the real attention-grabber was her opening song -- a then-unreleased single with G-Eazy. While “Cravin’” was released today, Friday October 18th, Orlando was the first to catch the wave. 

DaniLeigh, while being born in Miami, Florida, was more than honored to claim Orlando as her home. As she reminisced with the audience on her middle and high school years, she called out, “I still got my 407 number, y’all!” She was immediately called back from a member of the audience.

“You said, what?” She asked wrinkling her nose. “You want my number? I’m going to get a fake number so we can all be friends.” 

True to her word, she joined her friends and closed out her set in the audience’s arms. Closing with a fan-favorite, “Lil Bebe,” DaniLeigh left the audience anxious for their main attraction. 

Arriving with a promising light show, 6Lack called out to his day ones. He opened his set with “Free,” a track from his very first album: Free 6Lack. 

Taking the audience to the highest highs, 6Lack also knew when it when to bring the vibes right back down. Sprinkling slow songs like “East Atlanta Love Letter” featuring J. Cole and “Imported” featuring Jessie Reyez throughout his setlist, 6Lack created an intricate ambiance. He knew what his crowd wanted, and he knew when to give it to them. As he ended his set with more songs from his genesis, “Ex Calling” and “PRBLMS,” confetti showered his fans. The lights turned on, but it didn’t take much convincing for 6Lack to give the Knights an encore. He smiled at the crowd and officially ended the night with last year’s single, “Cutting Ties.”

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