Offset’s Alleged Side Chick Sunmer Bunni Apologizes to Cardi B

Summer Bunni said she hasn’t “messed with Offset since he’s had his baby.” 

Although she kinda cries during her explanation and apology, I have to wonder how sincere she is. I mean, did we know her? We were aware that Offset cheated on Cardi B  but I didn’t know it was ‘her’ he cheated with. 

Once Cardi announced the breakup, the story broke about Offset trying to set up a threesome with Cuban Doll. That tea was spilled by one of her ex friends. No mention was made of Summer Bunni. The text messages exchanged between her & Offset regarding the threesome were revealed but still ‘she’ wasn’t exposed. So now she exposes herself by apologizing??? Seems to me like she was trying to get her 15 minutes of fame.  

Then again maybe Summer Bunni really is remorseful and just needed to get it all off her chest. 

What do you think? 

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