Beyoncé Wins Halloween Again Stuns as Olimpic Gold Medalist Flo Jo

Beyoncé always slays Halloween! This years ‘Phony Braxton’ tribute was spot on & her Flo Jo tribute is amazing too! 

Olympic athlete & fashion icon, Florence Griffith Joyner set world records in the 100m and 200m races at the 1988 Olympics which still stand today. She’s often referred to as the fastest woman of all time. Sadly, Flo Jo died in her sleep in 1998 at a young 38-years-old. Doctors discovered she had an epileptic seizure that caused her to suffocate. 

Meanwhile Jay Z did his thing too! He raised his fist in the air with that black glove in tribute to Olimpic Medalist Tommie Smith who did just that in 1968 to protest racism and injustice against African Americans. Fellow medalist, John Carlos, also held his clinched fist in the air, carving it’s place in history forever recognized as a symbol of the Black Power Movement. 

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