Cardi to Nicki: We Can Settle Beef, Talk or Fight “I’m Down for Whatever”

Ok there’s a lot of hot tea to sip here... Cardi called Nicki “Ms. Chug-li the street fighter” lol... 1st she addressed whether she was ‘dragged’ by Rah Ali during the ‘shoe throwing incident’ as Nicki claimed on her ‘Queen’ radio show. Then she talked about the ‘Morotsport’ verse which was a issue that Nicki had brought up in the past. Next was the “Krippy Kush“ verse— Nicki said Bardi wanted her verse, a claim Cardi denies & went on to address G- Easy’s “No Limit.” Word is Nicki was mad that Cardi was on the track but Cardi said she can’t be mad when it was offered to Nicki 1st & she turned it down. Are you still with me??? Ok... next Cardi warned she could sue Nicki for defamation of character for accusing her of payola. But she would not sue Rah Ali even if she did dot her eye because she’s a “real b**ch” and that would be snitching. Then it was on to her leaked number & how Nicki liked Twitter posts bashing Cardi. Now Nicki, who’s known for trying to ‘stop a bag’... supposedly accused Cardi of ‘stopping her bag.’ So Kulture’s mom talked about that too & claimed that she actually helped Nicki to secure a bag — like with the Diesel deal. Then the video rant got down to the nitty gritty as Cardi told Nicki “we can settle it, you know where to find me... we can talk or fight.” Cardi ended it with a mic drop ... saying she’s showed Nicki love & respect but she “don’t suck you’re d**k” and added “focus on yourself, focus on your craft because you’re f**king up your legacy looking like a f**king hater!”



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