Phone Call Between Birdman & Lil Wayne's Tour Bus Shooter LEAKED!!!

Would Birdman set up a drive-by on Lil Wayne’s tour bus??? Jimmy Winfrey was sentenced to 20 years in prison for shooting Lil Wayne’s tour bus in April 2015. Now although Birdman did not use Lil Wayne’s name on the call, it sounds really bad! It sounds like he was congratulating the shooter on his efforts & inviting him to collect payment for his service. I wonder what else was said during that call. 

According to the tour bus driver, who’s filed a civil lawsuit against Birdman & Young Thug, Winfrey was promised $250k and a Porsche. 

The Cobb County D.A. is reportedly considering filing charges against Birdman & Thugga for the shooting.



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