R. Kelly’s Brother Accuses Him Of Impregnating 14-Yr-Old Family Member

Here's a run down of some of the juicier parts of the interview...at the 38:00 mark, Carey claims R Kelly has touched family members. At 48:00 he reveals allegedly Andrea, Kelly’s ex-wife, had to ask to use the restroom and she had to crawl like a dog! Smh... 55:00  Carey claims R Kelly tried to kiss/ sleep with him so they got into a physical altercation. And finally at the 1:10 mark, 1:15:55 he says Kell's allegedly made  sex tapes with 13-year-old white girls. 

How many times are these kinds of stories, rumors and allegations going to come out about R. Kelly? Where there's smoke.... there's fire. 



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