Woman Confronts Abuser on Bus & Encourages Girlfriend to Leave Him

God Bless that lady for getting involved! Not only did she confront the coward that was beating his girlfriend, she showed her love, support & compassion as she encouraged the battered woman to get done help & leave herabusive boyfriend. Meanwhile, he was becoming completely unglued as he screamed at his girlfriend to leave with him. He started by trying to tell her he calmed down. Then he went to “f**k them, this is our relationship.” But he invited everyone in his business when he abused that lady in public. So you already know what happens behind closed doors. Finally he warned her that she was on tape. Like she did something wrong. I guess he forgot, he’s ‘on tape’ too... beating his girlfriend. I hope she finds the strength to get away from him. Would you have gotten involved? 



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