Racist Tests How Many Times He Can Say N-Word Before Killing Black Man

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After he stabbed the Black in the neck several times, he tried to hide in bushes then when he came upon police, asked them for a ride home. Officers, however, were already aware of what had occurred & arrested him.  


2 things! I do not hang around large groups of white people when they're drunk. Based on negative experiences fuckery is always bound to ensure. And I do not associate myself with white males or females who feel comfortable with using the n-word. Anyway I hope this goofy fucker has fun explaining himself in jail A 24-year-old White Supremacist named Joden Rocco catches a black man slipping and stabs him to death. 24-year-old Dulane Cameron Jr. was the black victim , outside of a bar in Pittsburgh. #jodenrocco #dulanecameronjr #whitesupremacyisterrorism #thisisamerikkka

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