Racist Business Owner Who Called Man N**ger In Company Car Now Apologizing

The owner of Uriahs Heating and Cooling, Jeffery Whitman, has now isuued an apology to Charles Lovett, the man he followed from the interstate exit to his home to disrespect and berate him. 

"To Charles Lovett and the community,I apologize for my use of the n word towards Charles Lovett on Tuesday, July 24th. I understand that using the n-word was not only hurtful towards Lovett as an individual, but hurtful towards the Black community at large. Using the word was dehumanizing, unacceptable, and inexcusable. My actions reflect an unhealthy mindset I have developed and I need to work to change. I have served the Black community for the last 9 years, installing furnaces and water heaters with pride. My actions that day are not a reflection of my feelings towards the Black community. I also understand that racial tensions in America are higher than before, and I regret my part in contributing to that tension. I realize that words are hollow without action, and because of the hurt I have caused, I hope I have the opportunity to give back to the Black community that I have harmed in a meaningful way."

Do you think he's really sorry or do you think he's just trying to save his business since he was in a company vehicle and the video has gone viral? 



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