Newly Wed Stevie J Allegedly Has a Baby On The Way With a 20-Year-Old

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The 20-year-old that allegedly having Stevie J’s baby spilled all the tea! She claims that in so many words, Stevie J’a home has a revolving door of  live-ins at his Atlanta home. She goes on to rant that he doesn’t even care for women because he’s into men! The young lady that goes by @thebossputa on Instagram, goes on to say Faith’s ex Biggie is “turning over in his grave.” 

Lol I hope this time it’s a real marriage and since you getting married I hope faith can help you on some of those child support debts because YOUR ( our ) child will be here in October , and hunny I know this marriage is scam because you got all types of hoes living with you and @therealfaithevans you ain’t the only one hunny , it’s sad that your almost 50 & still getting played like a fiddle , u done got married to a man that got SEVERAL BABYMAMAS AND LIKE THE BOOTY , Yeah he dont want no pussy , biggie is turnin over in his grave you should be ashamed of yourself #steviej #leaveittostevie #ratface #mastersplinter #harmonyjordan

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Leave it up to the social media trolls im not pregnant cause i dont post pics but here you go beggers 😩😂 #steviej #harmonyjordan #leaveittostevie #realitytv #atlanta

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Bitch ass nigga gone come to vegas where me and his unborn is and still failed to check on his seed just like damn master splinter rat he is #steviej #leaveittostevie #mastersplinter #bum

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