Murder Suspect Effortlessly Escapes From Police Interrogation Room

If you didn't think it was possible to escape from a police interrogation room... think again. This suspect was not trying talk to police about a murder... so he got out the only way he could. 

Authorities in North Las Vegas placed murder suspect Alonso Perez in an interrogation room, shackled his legs, and handcuffed him to a metal bar on a table. Perez escaped. Here's how... Perez begins by twisting the cuffs and his body in a way that causes the end tethering him to the table to snap. Soon after, he climbs within reach of the ceiling, moves a tile, and then exits through the sizable opening he created. Perez was fortunate enough to exit into a completely unoccupied hallway and make his way to the door undetected. He escaped on a Friday, he was brought back into police custody the following Tuesday. 



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