Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Booed at Bethune-Cookman University!

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos faced an auditorium of Bethune-Cookman University graduates that did not want her there. At times hecklers drowned out her remarks. Several students reportedly said there was no place for her at commencement, and were upset they didn't have more say in picking a graduation speaker. 

A primary reason for protesting her appearance -- and for petitioning school officials to cancel her address -- is her now-recanted statement that founders of historically black colleges and universities were "real pioneers" of school choice. HBCUs, of course, were founded during segregation when black students were barred from attending white colleges in the South and beyond. DeVos walked back her comments, conceding the schools were born of racism, but it's not enough for many on this campus nor those who hold it dear.


As Education Secretary Betsy DeVoss opened her remarks, some students stood and turned their backs to her! 



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