Speeding NC Mother Manhandled During Arrest, Was It Justified?

A police video shows a Winston-Salem police officer arresting 24-year-old TeKara Williams during a traffic stop. The encounter started with friendly exchanges between the officer and woman, but ended with the woman crying and yelling at the officer. 

Police released this statement:

Although the social media video only shows a portion of the encounter midway through the incident, upon his initial approach Officer Carter introduces himself to Ms. Williams by name and told her why she was being stopped. As Officer Carter told Ms. Williams of the license plate “pick up order” and attempted to have her turn off the vehicle and hand him her keys, Ms. Williams became confrontational. Officer Carter gave Ms. Williams numerous opportunities to comply with his directives, which she refused. As Officer Carter was attempting to place Ms. Williams under custodial arrest he was met with physical resistance from her.



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