Heart-Stopping Moment Toddler is RUN OVER By A Distracted Driver!

This is the heart-stopping moment a toddler survives was run over by a driver after the man didn't see him as he pulled away. In this dramatic CCTV footage, the little boy is playing in the street before a driver pulls away in his car while talking on his mobile phone. The toddler, whose parents are said to work at a factory nearby, walks to the front of the car and puts his hands on the bonnet; however, he is far too short and the distracted driver does not realize he is there. Miraculously, the video shows the tot still in one piece after the car passes over him, and he lies on the ground struggling and crying after the traumatic ordeal. He was taken to hospital by the driver and doctors said he suffered only minor scratches and bruises.The dramatic incident took place in the city of Jinjiang, in East China’s Fujian Province. 



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