N.O.R.E. Talks Up His New Show 'On The Run Eatin' + More

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N.O.R.E. and the crew rolled through The Breakfast Club to celebrate the release of their eight episode series 'On The Run Eatin' with N.O.R.E.' presented by Complex.

·        What the cast brings to the show

·        Adamant about bringing his squad on the show

·        Explaining his name (N.O.R.E)

·        Who do you have on each episode?

·        What is the difference between on the run eating and drink champs?

·        Did you think Puffy sounded gay in the Drink Champs podcast?

·        What did you think of 50’s post about Diddy?

·        Nore being afro latino

·        You sure it’s not all in your head?

·        Is Fab an afro latino too?

·        “Tell the story of you being the first person Fab rhymed to”

Peep the full interview and go binge watch all eight episodes of 'On The Run Eatin' right now!