So Kanye is not the only one feeling some type of way!


Wale is about to go H.A.M on the media.

Complex debuted their 50 Best Albums Of 2013 and placed Kanye’s, “Yeezus
at number one and Drake’s,”Nothing Was The
at number two. But Wale wasn’t

pleased with the listing.  Apparently, Complex overlooked Wale’s

latest album ,”The
as being one of the best albums of  the year, despite it
landing at number one on the charts and selling more than 151,000 units its
first week.

The MMG rapper called to speak to the
author of the list and gave them a piece of his mind. Wale thinks he was
omitted for personal reasons.

“At this point, you know it’s got to be
personal,”  ”You telling me it’s not personal? It’s like a bold-face lie.
To be omitted from every type of list that y’all do or be at the bottom of it
or every type of way that y’all can omit me, ya will.”

Wale continued saying he
would take action by going to the Complex office, and warned them to beef up
their security. Think he was omitted on purpose by favoritism, or do you think
Wale’s sensitivity is on 10