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For months now Gucci Mane and his one time protege' Waka Flocka Flame have been battling online over some unknown beef [click here if you missed that].

Waka tries to explain what's wrong with Gucci...

Waka Flocka tells The Breakfast Club 
"When he talk crazy, I be seein 'Waka disloyal,' I'm like how? I met this guy and I'm not even trying to talk back. I met this guy, he had clear Jordans, cowboy boots and sleeping in an old school Chevy. He lived in my mom's house for 2 years rent-free. I risked my life ... When you're not bigger than somebody, they're basically like your sensei, it's like Bruce Lee and his sensei, like your sensei love you but when you fight and you whoop his ass, it's like a different story."
Waka also confirmed that he will be joining Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and as for Gucci's claim that he and Waka once had a threesome with Nicki Minaj, Waka said if that was true everybody would already know. Not exactly a denial but I'll take it.