from rhymeswithsnitch

Yesterday Keyshia Cole's husband Daniel Boobie Gibson turned himself in on an assault and battery charge stemming from a skirmish he got into during the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans [click here if you missed that].

The person Boobie was fighting with claims Boobie broke his jaw...

According to the police report the victim was inside a club in the 300 block of Andrew Higgins Street and saw Keyshia Cole and told her, 'thank you for keeping it real.' The victim then turned to his friend and that's when Boobie punched him in the jaw.

The victim left the club and went straight to the ER where doctors determined his jaw had been fractured.

Boobie, however, tells a different story. Boobie says the man was being disrespectful to his wife and that he had to take action.

The case is ongoing. 
Photo: Getty Images