Of all the Fast & Furious cast members, Tyrese has probably been the one to take Paul Walker’s death the hardest. Losing his smile after such an event has took a tool on him, but after a trip to Dubai, celebrating his 35th birthday and hanging with great friends, Tyrese is capturing his smile again in, Black Rose, the album and book.
“I am finally inspired to get back in the studio to record again….,” Tyrese let’s us social media lovers know. After this, there will be no more solo work. “My LAST solo R&B album is a double album. I am also writing my third book called ‘BLACK ROSE’ I’m so inspired to keep writing and putting my heart on the pages because of you….” the crooner continues. Keeping busy should do the trick. Be on the look-out for these projects as well as “Black arose,” – filming of the making of the album – all scheduled to come out at the end of 2014. I think we’re ready.