from rhymeswithsnitch

photo: Getty Images

Last week Toya Wright made the news after getting arrested in College Park, GA for unpaid speeding tickets [click here if you missed that].

While Toya doesn't mind you discussing her time in jail, just don't describe her as Lil Wayne's baby mama when you do it... 

Toya tells Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5, 
“It does but I mean I totally get it, that’s the way I was introduced to the media but it’s just also a form of disrespect. I’m married and for one I was married to him. If you say anything about Lil Wayne don’t say babymama cause he got like what 4 of those, say ex- wife….Don’t address me as his babymama because I wasn’t that, I’m someone else’s wife….But that’s how you pump the story up, I guess it looks better cause Lil Wayne went to jail and I guess for the media, I guess that’s what makes more sense. But sometimes, yes, that annoys the hell out of me.”