Damn I guess the Olympics are like spring break to some athletes. These men and women train incredibly hard for years to see their dreams come true of winning an Olympic medal, but maybe they are also keeping their bodies in shape for all the sex parties! It is a known fact, even though the media will never acknowledge it, that many athletes who stay in “athlete village” which is the area for them to live during the games, is full of sex and alcohol when they are not competing. Hit the jump for more.


Olympic officials literally distributed over 100,000 condoms among the athlete village, where the roughly 7,650 athletes will be staying. That is ALOT of condoms compared to the number of people who might use them. Men and women from different countries who are in great shape and looking to let the stress of the games be forgotten makes sense I guess. Makes you wonder if some of the people who won’t perform as well as they planned, were spending too much time taking shots and practicing making babies.