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A big sponsor for a music festival in Canada pulled out after Chris Brown was added to the line-up...

After Chris was added to the Energy Rush concert series in Halifax, Nova Scotia telecommunications firm Rogers Communications pulled out.

A spokesperson for Rogers tells E! News, 
“Rogers has been a sponsor of the Energy Rush concert series for the last seven years… Our agreement to continue sponsorship of the series was made before Chris Brown’s appearance was announced. However, as soon as he was confirmed as one of eight performers, we decided to withdraw our sponsorship at this time. We have shared a great partnership with the local radio station for the last seven years and we appreciate their understanding of our decision.”
Chris Brown's reps slammed the decision saying,
“It’s a shame that some people are so short-sighted and uninformed. Chris is an award-winning artist whose goal is to inspire and entertain. He engages in many philanthropic endeavors to support his community and communities worldwide…Chris strives to learn from his past and to grow as a person, as we should all do. Chris is looking forward to being a part of the Energy Rush Concert Series.”