from rhymeswithsnitch

Real Housewives of Atlanta just lost another wife.

Porsha and Kordell Stewart are officially divorced...

Kordell Stewart filed for divorce from his wife Porsha after 2 and and half years of marriage calling their union irretrievably broken.

Since then Porsha, who claims she found out she was being divorced after reading it on Twitter, has gone on a very public very nasty campaign implying Kordell was secretly gay.

Kordell says he and his son have been very hurt and disappointed by Porsha's actions explaining in a statment from his laywer, 
"As a single dad, Kordell wanted to put his best foot forward by doing what was in the best interest of Syre. However, the lack of truthfulness by Porsha during the divorce process has been very confusing and hurtful to Kordell and his son."