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Dirty details leak from Oprah's father Vernon Winfrey's divorce from his wife Barbara...

From The Daily Mail  
New revelations of the couple's split have emerged, with Barbara accusing Vernon in  October 11 court papers of using his barbershop for 'sexual escapades' during their marriage that many in their community knew about, including the students Barbara taught at the local school.
A prostitute named 'One Tooth' was the most humiliating visitor she alleged, as well as a woman who tried to blackmail Vernon, claiming she would hand over a 2008 sex tape to the local Channel 2 News if he didn't pay up.
In May, Vernon reportedly admitted he'd been filmed in the act and that the offending tape had been offered to the ABC News affiliate for broadcast but he said 'I think the fellow refused to do so.'
He added he was never going to pay up, and would have accepted the consequences of the tape going to air.
'Oprah is furious at Barbara for trying to drag both her and her father through the mud,' a family member reportedly told the Enquirer.