from rhymesiwthsnitch

This morning embattled Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee sat down with program director Ebro Darden to discuss his latest run in with transvestite prostitutes and to withdraw his resignation...

Yesterday Mister Cee resigned from the station after transvestite prostitute/blogger Bimbo Winehouse posted audio from an alleged sexual encounter between them [click here if you missed that].   

Mister Cee told Ebro 
“Have I lied about getting sexual fellatio in car with a transsexual? Yes. I have lied about that. I’ve been in denial about this for a very long time.. Do I consider myself gay? No. I have gotten fellatio from transvestites and that’s as far as it went. I’ve never had actual sexual intercourse with another man.”
Cee also withdrew his resignation at Ebro's request.

Full interview below.