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Keyshia Cole famously slammed Michelle Williams for her Destiny's Child performance at the Superbowl and there has been bad blood between the two ever since [click here if you missed that].

In a recent interview Michelle says she'd like to sit down with Keyshia to find out what went wrong...

Michelle tells Philly's Hot 107.9 
“I can’t wait to see [Keyshia] in person so we can talk and say ‘Hey, what happened?’”
“I will say this, I was a major fan of hers. That’s my first time even saying that.”
“I understood her story and was rooting for her. I have a little sister that’s adopted. My little sister’s mother was a crack addict. My little sister was born with crack coke in her system, so when I see someone like Keyshia Cole, who is defying the odds, doing her thing and taking care of her family…. She was somebody I was rooting for, because I could understand where she was coming from .”
Keyshia, however, was not impressed and Tweeted shortly after the interview went viral that she hates when people say things, then act like they never said them.