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It looks as though Ludacris experienced a real life “Throw Dem Bows” moment.

On Friday night, he hosted a party at popular Atlanta nightspot Prive and was involved in a huge brawl after someone threw a bottle his way. According to the rumors which have been chopped and screwed and twisted many times since the incident took place, the bottle-thrower was allegedly seeking money for beats that he had sent to Luda.

Footage has emerged from the fight, and the guy that caught it all on camera gave a play-by-play of what went down:

Ludacris was hosting a party at the Prive nightclub in Atlanta. In the beginning of the video, Ludacris is seen holding a mic and standing in front of the camera doing his hosting thing. Ludacris proceeds, walking with the nightclubs bodyguards or his own bodyguards and then all hell broke loose. A melee just erupted right in the middle of the club. Just a bunch of dudes started fighting with Ludacris and he fought back! He refused to be punked.

Meanwhile, after rumors emerged that Luda had his chains snatched and both he and his girl were hit in the head with a bottle, Luda took to Twitter to poke fun at the rumors by posting funny Vines with his girlfriend, a random booty shaking chick and his Bentley.

Ludacris denies getting hit in the head with a bottle

Catch those and the club footage below:

Luda debunks the rumors