Talk about irony…An America’s Most Wanted tour bus was pulled over for a broken tail-light, but it appeared that the wanted folks on the bus were NOT surrendering to the police. Why – drop down bottom, and check out the 411!

JaaiR (JR)

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The America’s Most Wanted tour made a stop in Oklahoma last night, and prior to their full exit of the state, one of it’s tour buses was pulled over for a broken tail-light. Once police approached the vehicle, they noticed possible drug use, so they requested entry to the bus. The driver declined that request then locked all doors.
The HILARIOUS part is, the police had the tour bus towed – WITH THE PASSENGERS STILL ON IT – LOL! After gaining a search warrant the police entered the bus, and proceeded to arrest a few passengers for, “interfering with police process.” Tsk Tsk.
It’s said that Lil Wayne and T.I. had already left the state, but there is a possibility that 2 Chainz could have been on that bus. I don’t think so! When we find out the rest…you’ll find out!