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Last week there were rumors that Kris Jenner was urging her daughter Kim Kardashian to take it slow with Kanye West and not rush into marriage [click here if you missed that].

Insiders say Kanye doesn't care what Kris says...

Sources tell Showbiz Spy 
“Look, Kris is Kim’s mother and the grandmother of her and Kanye’s baby. No disrespect to Kris, but he doesn’t care what she thinks about his life with Kim.”
“She doesn’t run him. She doesn’t run Kim and she damn well isn’t running s*** with his baby. Don’t get me wrong, he thinks the world of Kris and respects her a lot, but he’s tired of people in his ear about what the f*** she thinks about his relationship with Kim. He doesn’t care!!!! She has no say so whatsoever on his life with Kim.”