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This past Friday night, Lebron was playing no games! He scored 39 points on only 18 shots, which is incredibly efficient. Meanwhile earlier in the week, Raptors forward Rudy Gay scored 29 points on 37 shots, which is incredibly in-efficient! That prompted reporters to ask Lebron what he thinks would happen if he took that many shots in a game. Hit the jump for his answer.


Via ESPN Miami:

After Friday’s game, James was asked about his reaction when he sees other players shooting 30 — or as much as 37 — attempts in a game.

“Um …,” James pondered for a few seconds as if he was calculating something in his head.

“If you give me 37 shots in a game, I’d have 60 … 70,” James said.

…“I had almost 40 now with 18 shots, I mean … If you give me 37 shots in a game, I’d put up 60. Easy,” James said.

I have to agree 100%. Let Lebron take 30 shots a game and he would average at least 45 points because he rarely takes or forces a bad shot. There are many players around the league who take more shots than Lebron does per game, but yet still don’t average what he does.