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TMZ recently caught up with Gilbert Arenas and asked him about Yahoo naming his contract the worst of all time in their list of “12 Worst Contracts Ever.” His reaction is great and I’m pretty sure Wizards execs are not going to want to hear or see this.
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The WashingtonPost has the transcript:

TMZ: Hey bro, did you happen to catch the contract list that Yahoo put out a few weeks ago about the worst contracts of all time?

Arenas: Nuh-uh. I’m probably up there.

TMZ: Yeah, yeah. How does it make you feel when they put you at No. 1 worst contract of all time?

Arenas: I’m NUMBER ONE?

TMZ: Yeah, Yahoo put you at No. 1.

Arenas: Of all time?

TMZ: Yeah, worst contract. I think it was 6 years, $120 million.

Arenas: Six years, $111 [million]. The worst of all time?

TMZ: Or recent memory, I guess, I don’t know. [Note: it was actually of the 21st century.]

Arenas: Well, it could be. I’m not arguing that it’s not.

TMZ: But how’s it make you feel? Are you laughing to the bank?

Arenas: No. You’re trying to discredit what I DID. What I did to get it. I mean, what I did to get it: I was in that gym three times a day for six years that I was in Washington. So I worked. I put my hours in. I put probably more hours in than anybody besides a Kobe. Other than that, there was no one who was gonna log in more practice hours and gym hours than I did. So what I did to get the contract was different than what I’ve done since I got the contract. I got hurt before I got the contract and I still got rewarded. So it’s not like I tricked somebody. They knew I was hurt. I didn’t play that year; I played like [13] games the year before my contract and I got the contract anyway, because of what I DID. You get paid on what you did, not what you’re GONNAdo. That’s what people don’t understand. You get paid on what you did. I got paid $100 because that’s what I did. I mean, but, WORST?

TMZ: So are they still paying off that six-year $111 million?

Arenas: Yes. Yeah. The NBA says I get 20-something this year? I stopped keeping track. I haven’t got paid $20 million a year in probably two years now….I’m still getting paid until 2016.