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When the tragic news of the death of James Gandolfini spread, it was first reported that he passed due to a stroke. Shortly after the initial report, it was reported that he passed following a massive heart attack. Since then, reports of James taking shots and consuming at least eight drinks the night before he died, have sprung. According to people who dined in the restaurant James visited  before his untimely death, he had the alcohol to wash down fried foods. Now, a friend of the late actor is confirming what James’ official cause of death is as well as what the family is going to do with his body. Read more below.

Julie A.

Michael Kobold, a friend of Gandolfini, has confirmed that he died following a massive heart attack with no foul play or substance abuse. James struggled with alcohol and drug addiction in the past, but the drinks he consumed were not enough to kill him. According to Kobold, the family is attempting to bring his body back to America.