from rhymeswithsnitch

Last year comedian Eddie Griffin got into a skirmish with a lesbian heckler who took offense to the gay jokes Eddie told during his show.

Now Eddie's being sued for harassment...

It all started when the heckler tossed a glass of water in Eddie Griffin's face and he retaliated by pouring a pitcher of water over her head.

Eddie later referred to the woman and her girlfriend as dyke bitches in a rant about the incident on his Facebook page [click here if you missed that].

Now, according to TMZ, the partner of the heckler, Leslie Champlin, is suing Eddie Griffin for sexual harassment and the comedy club for discriminating against the couple based on their sexual preference.

Leslie says after the water fight Eddie focused the rest of his show on her and her partner and thrust his crotch in their faces telling them they wouldn't need a strap on vibrator if he was around.

Leslie claims Eddie turned the whole club against her and her partner and that they were pelted by drinks from the crowd and later escorted out.

Ms. Champlin is suing for civil rights violations, battery, negligence and unspecified damages.