from rhymeswithsntich

Last week rumors swirled that Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's DJ Babey Drew had been fired by Chris Brown in the wake of his reality TV success [click here if you missed that].

Drew says the rumors are off the mark...

DJ Babey Drew tells Philly's Hot 107.9
“I don’t understand how these blogs are flipping a situation about me asking my son’s mom to invest in a business as not having money. That doesn’t make any sense. I actually think that a lot of these other cast members may not have money, but that is definitely not the case of me ’cause when I’m not touring with Chris, I’m doing my own tours, in different countries. So it’s kinda crazy for them to say that. And that’s not the reason why I’m on “Love and Hip Hop.” I’m on “Love and Hip Hop” because I saw an opportunity, and we haven’t had a tour since. So I haven’t been working with Chris because we haven’t had a tour. When we do have a tour, when his album drops, I will be right on stage with him.”