from rhymeswithsnitch

Back in February Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele caught flack from fans who complained that her Fine Ass Girls clothing line only used light skin models [click hereif you missed that].

Draya insists she has no bias towards color and her model's skin tones are just a coincidence...

 Draya tells Vibe Vixen 
"I am in no way biased or do I prefer light skin or dark skin it’s just that the people that model my clothing are my friends in real life. I don’t hire models and I don’t have castings and say “not her or her.” These are just my friends and these are just regular girls and I just pick them based on if them being my friends, I don’t see color. It’s just about how the shirt looks, so really I could use headless pictures, it’s just about if my t-shirt looks good that’s all I really care about."