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Oh damn, is someone making an attempt to put Kanye on blast or make a name for themselves? This Canadian model says that Kanye West and her had sex right before and during Kim’s pregnancy. Since Kim is getting ready to have a baby with this man, the model thinks that it’s time Kim knows the truth. Shady business! Drop down bottom for the juice.

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Well, Leyla Ghobadi is stating that Kanye saw her at a show and he then sent a flunkie to fetch her in a crowd in an attempt to get her to his hotel room. While Ghobadi declined at that time, she eventually fell for the charm and made her way back to his hotel room. Kanye told her that the relationship with Kim was for publicity ONLY and was, “nothing serious.” That right there gives me suspicions, because Kanye needs publicity…and uses Kim to do it…???
“We began to make out for a while and next thing I knew, we were both naked and having sex,” Ghobadi told Star magazine. According to the model, this occured before and during Kim’s pregnancy. Is this believeable or NOT?! Let me know in the comments.