from rhymeswithsnitch

Last month Kanye West was accused of cheating on Kim Kardashian with a French Canadian model named Leyla Ghobadi [click here if you missed that].

The scandal disappeared after the model recanted her story but insiders say she was paid off...

From The Dirty

Nik, wanted to share some exclusive details with you regarding Kanye West and home wrecking Leyla Ghobadi. What people don’t know is that Leyla Ghobadi has had sex with Kanye more than once. On their 2nd or 3rd time that they had sex, Leyla actually left her iPhone on and recorded both of them having sex all the while Kim Kardashian was at home pregnant. Leyla and Kayne’s lawyers are in the middle of talks for Kanye to acquire the video for a measly $250,000. How dumb is Leyla? This tape is easily worth over 2 Million with the attention she would get from this… I think she forgot why Kim Kardashian’s whole family is mega rich… its all because of a sex tape. Leyla needs to be smart about this and get paid millions, not pennies.